1-LP 10-inch vinyl – plays at 45rpm with 8-page booklet (8″x8″), 12 single tracks. Playing time approx. 27 min – plus bonus CD, 20 tracks, total playing time approx. 60 min.

Limited ‘Ooby Dooby’ edition to celebrate the 85th birthday of Roy Orbison on 23 April 2021.

Unique vinyl compilation of the best rockabilly recordings of the young Roy Orbison from his time with SUN Records in Memphis.
Some originally unreleased recordings first came out on CD in the late 1980s – here on vinyl for the first time ever!
Both pre-SUN sides of Orbison’s first single on Je-Wel are also included.
The enclosed bonus CD contains 8 more tracks.
The included large-format booklet tells more about the recordings, written by music historian Bill Dahl. The sound, as usual with Bear Family, meets the highest standards.

The sweeping, ultra-dramatic ballads that Roy Orbison rode to fame and fortune during the early 1960s stand in stark contrast to the rollicking rockabilly that he specialized in at Sun Records halfway through the previous decade. Bear Family’s jam-packed 10-inch LP ‘A Cat Called Domino’ brings The Big O’s Sun catalog back to the vinyl that it started out on. His 1956 classics Ooby Dooby, Go! Go! Go!, You’re My Baby, and Rockhouse are joined by some real rarities: a version of Chicken-Hearted with a semi-spoken vocal and versions of Problem Child, You’re Gonna Cry, and Claudette that didn’t surface until the late ‘80s.

The enclosed 20-song CD boasts more scarce items: the exciting saxophone-overdubbed versions of Mean Little Mama and Problem Child; both sides of Orbison’s pre-Sun debut single for Je-Wel fronting The Teen Kings that paired Ooby Dooby and Trying To Get To You; both sides of protégé Ken Cook’s Phillips International single (Roy joins Cook behind the mic on I Was A Fool), and ex-Teen King Peanuts Wilson’s rendition of the Orbison-penned I’ve Had It, which debuted on vinyl via a Bear Family 45 in 1999. Immortal as his smash ballads will always remain, Roy Orbison was a red-hot rocker when he was at Sun. This package generates a ton of Sun-bred heat!

10″ LP Tracks:-
01 Cat Called Domino
02 Go! Go! Go!
03 Problem Child (without saxophone)
04 You’re My Baby
05 Chicken Hearted (semi spoken vocal)
06 Sweet And Easy To Love
07 Ooby Dooby
08 You’re Gonna Cry
09 I Like Love
10 Claudette (with band)
11 Rock House
12 Mean Little Mama (without saxophone).
01 Cat Called Domino
02 Go! Go! Go!
03 Problem Child (without saxophone)
04 You’re My Baby
05 Chicken Hearted (semi spoken vocal)
06 Sweet And Easy To Love
07 Radio Spot
08 Ooby Dooby
09 You’re Gonna Cry
10 I Like Love
11 Claudette (with band)
12 Rock House
13 Mean Little Mama (without saxophone)
14 Ooby Dooby (Jewel version) – The Teen Kings
15 Trying To Get To You (Jewel version) – The Teen Kings
16 Crazy Baby – Ken Cook
17 I Was A Fool – Ken Cook & Roy Orbison
18 Problem Child (with saxophone)
19 Mean Little Mama (with saxophone)
20 I’ve Had It – Peanuts Wilson

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