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Various - Talking On The Telephone Vol.1 - Blues, R&B And Gospel
[CD Bear Fami]

Various - Talking On The Telephone Vol.1 - Blues, R&B And Gospel (CD)

(2017/RWA) 28 Tracks (77:47) - Digipack - 32-page booklet -
You all know Richard Weize is the man behind Bear Family right. He now has his own label putting out what he wants. He is a man of great taste and huge knowledge. So when you hear he has compiled a collection you can be certain it will be of the highest quality music often that you have not had a chance to hear before and equally high quality production.

In this series of four landmark CDs, RWA RECORDS celebrates two inventions from the late 19th century that changed human life and civilization forever: a) the ability to transmit our speech over long distances and b) the ability to preserve that speech on recordings. Those two inventions occurred at almost the same time in history, and just as soon as people began to make recordings of their voices, they began to write and record songs about telephones. Telephones changed the way humans led their lives. They changed how we courted and expressed love; they changed how we transmitted news – both big and small; they changed how we worshipped and envisioned our gods. Telephone songs go back to the dawn of recorded sound, appearing not just on ancient one-sided 78 rpm records, but on the earliest Edison cylinders from the late 19th century. Telephones showed up in some (not very funny) comedy routines from long ago; they appeared in hillbilly music, blues and gospel music – both white and black (people fantasized about picking up that old wall telephone, cranking the handle a few times and finding God at the other end.) Telephones appeared in Broadway show tunes and in the pop songs of many generations. When teens and rock & roll established themselves as a commercial force in the 1950s, telephones appeared almost immediately in the lyrics of early rock & roll songs as a way to avoid parental oversight. Truly, every segment of society, from rural to urban, rich to poor, black to white, young to old, was affected by the telephone, and they all sang about its impact on their lives. Join us in this journey back to those simpler, more technologically challenged times. In the four Volumes of this series, we look at the full range of telephone music (Hillbilly; Blues & Gospel; Rock & Roll and Pop). The differences are fascinating but the similarities are unmistakable. We examine over 60 years of recorded music, and could have gone on into the 21st century, where telephones (with their evolving features and apps) remain woven into the fabric of popular culture. More than ever before, a world without telephones is unimaginable to us. Hank Davis

1: Telephone Baby Johnny Otis & Marci Lee
2: Operator Lloyd Price
3: Give Me Central 209 (Hello Central) Lightnin' Hopkins
4: What's Your Phone Number? Jimmy McCracklin
5: Royal Telephone Rev Sister Mary Nelson
6: Buzz Me Babe Slim Harpo
7: The People On My Party Line Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson
8: Long Distance Call Cecil Gant
9: Calling Margie Big Walter (Price) & His Thunderbirds
10: Wrong Number, Right Girl Verna Williams
11: Dead Cat On The Line Tampa Red and Georgia Tom
12: Long Distance Call Muddy Waters
13: Atomic Telephone Spirit of Memphis
14: Operator Mary Wells
15: Telephone Arguing Blues Jaydee Short
16: The Telephone Is Ringing Pee Wee Crayton
17: Just Me And My Telephone John Lee Hooker
18: Communications Slim Gaillard
19: Long Distance Blues The Treniers
20: Dial That Telephone Effie Smith
21: Rockhouse Big Maybelle (Mabel Smith)
22: Telephone Blues Joe Pullum
23: Royal Telephone Selah Jubilee Singers
24: Call Operator 210 Floyd Dixon
25: Your Wire’s Been Tapped Pig Meat Markham
26: Long Distance Blues T-Bone Walker
27: Wrong Number Aaron Neville
28: I Can’t Hold Out (Talk To Me, Baby) Elmore James

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