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Big Bopper - Crazy Blues - Sleazy 45
[big bopper]

Big Bopper - Crazy Blues b/w White Lightning - Sleazy 45

J. P. Richardson went down in history for two reasons, one musical and one obituary. The musical is reduced to a single song, Chantilly Lace, recorded in 1958 in the Gold Star Studios backed by the cream of Starday Records, including founder Harold 'Pappy' Daily in production work.
Chantilly Lace was released that year, first at Pappy Daily´s new company D Records and later at Mercury, becoming a national smash hit that the autor would have almost no time to enjoy, since the night of february 2,1959 came suddenly the other reason the Big Bopper would be remembered; being part of the passage of the plane that left Clear Lake, Iowa to crash in the snow shortly after, ending the life and career of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper. The musical legacy of J. P. is however rather more extensive, and it would be unfair to reduce it to a single success.
Big Bopper was more than just a singer. His songs, including Chantilly Lace, almost always have a humorous component that often puts him halfway between comedy and musical itself.
His first recording session took place on December 54 at the legendary Jay Miller studios in Crowley, Louisiana. From that meeting came three songs written by Richardson himself, only Bopper's Boogie Woogie survived, a fantastic jiver full of deep rhythm & blues feelin´ which would be released over 25 years after. The other two remain lost.
After that first attempt J. P. Richardson was forced to stop his artistic skills for nearly two years because of the Uncle Sam´s call-up. In this parenthesis also put on hold his successful career as a DJ in the KTRM station Beaumount, Texas, but on his return Jape, as he was popularly known, brought a whole bag of new purposes and carving a solid future in showbiz was one of them.
To celebrate his comeback the first thing he did was seeking sponsors to host a Disc-a-thron. That occurrence consisted on a whole marathon as disc jockey in which he spent no less than 122 hours of non-stop DJing at KTRM , resting only 5 minutes 10 times a day, using the advertising time, and being stimulated only with oxygen. The beating resulted in a five days show of 1821 songs and a brief hospitalization. Of course also generated a unique advertising toward him. Beware! The Big Bopper had returned.
J. P. Richardson was not only determined to try luck as singer, but also as composer, writing songs for other artists, so from his pen came the great success of Johnny Preston called RUNNIN' BEAR and also WHITE LIGHTNIN' the future success for his friend George Jones, that was first recorded by Jape himself and edited on his one and only LP. His first official single for Mercury was recorded shortly after his return from the army, and included BEGGAR TO A KING / CRAZY BLUES, both own compositions. The first is a sentimental ballad easily forgettable, but the B-side was a great rocking stroll with a strong country taste, that included the great Hal Harris on guitar.
In this single you´ll find two of the the aforementioned songs, and undoubtedly two of the Big Bopper´s best rockers. The perfect match between CRAZY BLUES/ WHITE LIGHTNIN´ is likely the most interesting Big Bopper single ever released. Enjoy them!

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