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After Sun - Various CD  

After Sun - What The Stars Of The Legendary Sun Record Company Did Next - Various CD

Disc: 1
1. Trouble Up The Road (Jackie Brenston) - Jackie Brenston
2. Hey Hey (Ike Turner) - Ike Turner
3. So Glad You re Mine (Elvis Presley) - Elvis Presley
4. That s All Right (Ray Smith) - Ray Smith
5. Whoo! I Mean Whee! (Hardrock Gunter) - Hardrock Gunter
6. Switch Blade Sam(Jeff Daniels) - Jeff Daniels
7. Neighbors (Howlin Wolf) - Howlin' Wolf
8. I Need Your Lovin (Conway Twitty) - Conway Twitty
9. Is That All To The Ball Mr Hall (Bill Riley) - Bill Riley
10. I Wanna Ramble (Little Junior Parker) - Little Junior Parker
11. House Rocker (B.B. King) - B.B. King
12. I Belong To You (Jimmy Williams) - Jimmy Williams
13. Perfect Girl (Smokey Joe) - Smokey Joe
14. Out Of This World (The Simmons) - The Simmons
15. Folding Money (Tommy Blake) - Tommy Blake
16. Bim Bam (B.B. King) - B.B. King
17. Cat Squirrel (Doctor Ross) - Doctor Ross
18. Who s That Big Man? (Lee Mitchell) - Lee Mitchell
19. FBI Story (Rudy Grayzell) - Rudy Grayzell
20. What I Wouldn t Do (Rosco Gordon) - Rosco Gordon
21. White Lightning Cherokee (Onie Wheeler) - Onie Wheeler
22. Wampus Cat (Howard Chandler) - Howard Chandler
23. Hydramatic Woman (Joe Hill Louis) - Joe Hill Louis
24. Gonna Shut You Off, Baby (Jimmy Haggett) - Jimmy Haggett
25. Why Don t You (Charlie Feathers) - Charlie Feathers
26. Do The Chicken (Billy Emerson) - Billy Emerson
27. That s My Baby (Little Junior Parker) - Little Junior Parker
28. Cry, Baby, Cry (Narvel Felts) - Narvel Felts
29. Up Town (Roy Orbison) - Roy Orbison
30. The Shape You Left Me In (Gene Simmons) - Gene Simmons
31. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows (Carl Perkins) - Carl Perkins
32. Boodoo (Carl Simmons Orchestra) - Carl Simmons' Orchestra
Disc: 2
1. I Feel So Bad (Elvis Presley) - Elvis Presley
2. Shake It Up (Conway Twitty) - Conway Twitty
3. My Dolly Bee (Little Junior Parker) - Little Junior Parker
4. I m Tryin (Little Milton) - Little Milton
5. Trudy (Johnny Carroll) - Johnny Carroll
6. Rootie Tootie Baby (Lee Mitchell) - Lee Mitchell
7. Jack Rabbit (Ike Turner) - Ike Turner
8. Everybody s Lovin My Baby (Charlie Feathers) - Charlie Feathers
9. Numbers Blues (Doctor Ross) - Doctor Ross
10. Quick Sand Love (Macy Skip Skipper) - Macy Skipper
11. Have A Good Time (Walter Horton) - Walter Horton
12. Rockin Daddy (Howlin Wolf) - Howlin' Wolf
13. Get It Off Your Mind (Kenny Parchman) - Kenny Parchman
14. Pink Pedal Pushers (Carl Perkins) - Carl Perkins
15. Early In The Morning (B.B. King) - B.B. King
16. Boo Bop Da Caa Caa (Eddie Bond) - Eddie Bond
17. Guitarville (Roland James) - Roland James
18. Flip Flop And Fly (Billy Riley) - Billy Riley
19. Tough, Tough, Tough (Andy Anderson) - Andy Anderson
20. Barefoot Rock (Little Junior Parker) - Little Junior Parker
21. Too Much Alike (Charlie Feathers) - Charlie Feathers
22. Rock-A-Bop Baby (Hardrock Gunter) - Hardrock Gunter
23. Uh-Huh-Huh (Jeff Daniels) - Jeff Daniels
24. I Like It (William Tell Taylor) - William 'Tell' Taylor
25. Sattellite Hop (Kenny Parchman) - Kenny Parchman
26. With The Bug (Roy Orbison) - Roy Orbison
27. Teenage Letter (Billy Riley) - Billy Riley
28. Every Woman I Know (Billy Emerson) - Billy Emerson
29. Ho...Ho (Ike Turner) - Ike Turner
30. Reconsider Baby (Elvis Presley) - Elvis Presley
31. That s All Right (Carl Perkins) - Carl Perkins
32. Beautiful Dreamer (Johnny Bernero) - Johnny Bernero
Disc: 3
1. Rock A Little Baby (Harmonica Frank Floyd) - Harmonica Frank Floyd
2. Little Jewell (Wild Bill Taylor) - Wild Bill Taylor
3. Tummer Tee (Rosco Gordon) - Rosco Gordon
4. Long Distance Operator (Little Milton) - Little Milton
5. Start All Over Again (Smokey Joe) - Smokey Joe
6. L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E (Carl Perkins) - Carl Perkins
7. I Want You With Me (Elvis Presley) - Elvis Presley
8. I ve Got Papers On You, Baby (B.B. King) - B.B. King
9. The Easy Livin Plan (Rufus Thomas) - Rufus Thomas
10. When You Come Around (Charlie Feathers) - Charlie Feathers
11. This Ole Heart Of Mine (Eddie Bond) - Eddie Bond
12. Makes Me Feel Good (Ray Smith) - Ray Smith
13. Keep Your Arms Around Me (Joe Hill Louis) - Joe Hill Louis
14. Gonna Wait For My Chance (Jackie Brenston) - Jackie Brenston
15. Don t You Know (Kenny Parchman) - Kenny Parchman
16. Catfish (The Spitfires) - The Spitfires
17. Mean Ole Frisco (B.B. King) - B.B. King
18. Locomotive Man (Johnny Cash) - Johnny Cash
19. Watcha Gonna Do (Hayden Thompson) - Hayden Thompson
20. Just Can t Stay (Willie Nix) - Willie Nix
21. Rakin And Scrapin (Dean Beard) - Dean Beard
22. Shake, Baby, Shake (Jesse Lee Turner) - Jesse Lee Turner
23. You re Always Late (Jimmy Williams) - Jimmy Williams
24. Almost Eighteen (Roy Orbison) - Roy Orbison
25. Who Put The Squeeze On Eloise? (Macy Skip Skipper) - Macy Skipper
26. Treat Me Right (Kenny Parchman) - Kenny Parchman
27. Holy Mackerel, Baby (Billy Emerson) - Billy Emerson
28. Honey, Cause I Love You (Carl Perkins) - Carl Perkins
29. Goin Back To Memphis (Gene Simmons) - Gene Simmons
30. You ll Be Mine (Howlin Wolf) - Howlin' Wolf
31. Have Guitar Will Travel (Scotty Moore Trio) - Scotty Moore Trio
32. I m Comin Home (Elvis Presley) - Elvis Presley
33. Movin (Bill Black s Combo) - Bill Black's Combo

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