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Hal Harris - Gold Star Guitar- El Toro CD
[Hal Haris El]

All praise the godlike genius of Hal Harris.
This first-time compilation of the finest work of this unsung guitar picker contains all the 1950s recordings issued under his own name as well as a sparkling selection of his session work from those years; from his debut featured spot as one of Curley Williams' Georgia Peach Pickers through his career as houseband-leader and guitarist-of-choice for Pappy Daily's stable of labels - Starday, Dixie and D Records - and his renaissance during the 1970s/1980s rockabilly revival when his exciting solos on those cherished records by Joe Clay, Thumper Jones, Sleepy La Beef, Link Davis, Rock Rogers and Bob Doss were a clarion call to pack the dance floors all over again...

1 The Carroll County Boys - Carroll County Boogie (Flair),
2 Curley Williams & His Georgia Peach Pickers - I Have Lived, Loved and Learned (Columbia),
3 The Carroll County Boys - Flying Eagle Blues (Flair),
4 Hal Harris - I've Loved, I've Laughed, I've Cried (Pacemaker),
5 Hal Harris - Poor Boy Rag (Pacemaker),
6 Ernie Hunter - Boy Crazy Jane (Rainbow),
7 The Hooper Twins - Twin Hearts and Twin Guitars (Azalea),
8 Larry Fox - Guilty Heart (Starday),
9 George Jones - Taggin' Along (Mercury),
10 Hal Harris - I Don't Know When (Starday)
11 Joe Clay - Duck Tail (Vik),
12 Thumper Jones - Rock It (Starday),
13 Al Urban - Gonna Be Better Times (Sarg),
14 Slim Watts - Tu-La-Lou (Starday),
15 Benny Barnes - No Fault Of Mine (Starday),
16 Joe Clay - Sixteen Chicks (Vik),
17 Joe Clay - Doggone It (Vik),
18 Al Urban - Won't Tell You Her Name (Sarg),
19 Thumper Jones - How Come It (Starday),
20 Joe Clay - Slippin' Out and Sneakin' In (Vik),
21 Jimmie & Johnny - I Can't Find The Door Knob (D),
22 Bob Doss - Somebody's Knockin' (Starday),
23 Wortham Watts - Lonesome (D),
24 Rock Rogers - That Ain't It (Starday)
25 Link Davis - Trucker From Tennessee (Starday),
26 Sleepy La Beff - I'm Through (Starday) ,
27 Benny Barnes & The Echoes - You Gotta Pay (Starday),
28 Tommy Wood - Can't Play Hookey (D),
29 Rock Rogers - Little Rock Rock (Starday),
30 Bob Doss - Don't Be Gone Long (Starday),
31 Joe Clay - Goodbye Goodbye (Vik),
32 Hal Harris - Jitterbop Baby (Starday),
33 Hal Harris? - I'm Comin' Home (Dixie?),
34 Hal Harris - Please Pass The Biscuits (Dixie)

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Various - Country Hicks Volume One


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