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(3CD. The Piccadilly Records label, which issued music by new British pop acts, first appeared in the record racks in 1959. The three discs of music presented here offer a fascinating snapshot of the British scene at this time, before the musical tide turned in Britain's favour with the Fab Four. Enjoy tracks here issued from the likes of The Dave Clark Five, Al Saxon and The Kestrels.

Track listing:
CD1: 1. First Love-The Dave Clark Five, 2. It Only Took A Minute- Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, 3. Long Gone Baby-Buddy Britten & The Regents, 4. Theme From Z Cars-Johnny Keating, 5. Roses Are Red (My Love)-David MacBeth, 6. Back On The Scene-Carter Lewis & The Southerners, 7. The Saint (Theme From The TV Series)-The Les Reed Strings, 8. I Know Where I'm Going-The Countrymen, 9. After You've Gone-Emile Ford & The Checkmates, 10. Lone Rider-The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers, 11. Jezebel-Davy Jones, 12. Evil Eye-Al Saxon, 13. Who Does He Think He Is-Penny, 14. Some Of These Days-Dick Jordon, 15. Crazy Mixed Up Kid-Joe Brown, 16. Pop-Pop-Pop-Pie-Simone Jackson, 17. Sir Francis Drake (From The TV Series)-, The Piccadilly Strings, 18. All Of Me-Jackie Lynton, 19. My Resistance Is Low-Jim Dale, 20. Don't Want To Cry-The Kestrels

CD2: 1. A Picture Of You-Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, 2. Here's Hopin'-Carter Lewis, 3. I Walk The Line-The Dave Clark Five, 4. It Might As Well Rain Until September-The DeLaine Sisters, 5. My Pride, My Joy-Buddy Britten & The Regents, 6. Honest I Do-Danny Storm, 7. All The Other Girls-Donna Douglas, 8. Problem Girl-The Chariots, 9. Stage To Cimarron-The Fleerekkers, 10. Half Of My Heart-Emile Ford & The Checkmates, 11. Fortune Teller-Dick Jordon, 12. When's He Gonna Kiss Me-Candy Sparling, 13. Rockin' Minstrel-The Checkmates, 14. Cinderella Romeo-David Martin, 15. Unforgettable-Cleo Laine, 16. There I've Said It Again-Al Saxon, 17. Black Buffalo-The Flee-Rekkers, 18. Thin Chow Min-Des O'Conner, 19. Ecstasy-Oliver Reed, 20. Just As Long As (You Belong...)-Vince Hill

CD3: 1. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now-Emile Ford & The Checkmates, 2. Sunburst-The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers, 3. Your Tender Look-Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, 4. The Message In A Bottle-Donna Douglas, 5. Ya Ya-Johnny Keating & The Z Men, 6. Don't Come Crying To Me-Davy Jones, 7. She's Mine-Ronnie Hall, 8. So Much In Love-Carter Lewis & The Southerners, 9. The Celtic Song-Glen Daly, 10. Wishful Thinking-Jackie Lynton, 11. Twist Drive-Des O'Conner, 12. Why Have You Treated Me This Way-David Martin, 13. Theme From Dr. Finlay's Casebook...- The Les Reed Strings, 14. The Enchanted Sea-The Countrymen, 15. Cha Cha On The Moon-Pat Reader, 16. Love Me With All Your Heart- The Kestrels, 17. Baby, It's Cold Outside-Joyce Blair & Oliver Reed, 18. The Oh-Be-Joyfuls-Bruce Forsyth, 19. Something's Gotta Give-Cleo Laine, 20. The Rivers Run Dry-Vince Hill)

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