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BOOK - Boom Baby by Brian Nevill
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Boom Baby (the escape from 60s suburban culture) by Brian Nevill- McZine publication
The first book from Drummer, Ace Records Compiler and former Sounds That Swing staff member.
After their parents' extraordinary experience of the war, the future welcomed them with open arms to a world of extraordinary ordinariness and the illusion of blatant consumerism, which they set about exploiting and dismantling. If you want to read about 'Swinging London' in the sixties this book is not for you. This book is a memoir of one of the faceless faces of the baby boom. How to avoid work and influence people ? Read on.
"For every rock star who trod a stage in one of England's music venues in the sixties, whose autobiography we now clamber to buy and read, there were thousands of punters who went home and copied the hairstyle, bought the album, looked in vain for the shirt, walked the walk and talked the talk. And went to work on Monday. Then listened to the album in the evening after rolling a joint. Stood for hours in front of a mirror teasing the hair into shape. Rode the bus into town hoping the summer heat would not spoil the crease in their trousers or skirt. Boys and girls alike. Ready for the weekend, ready for life."

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