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Get Your Soul Right - Fantastic Voyage 3CD  

Get Your Soul Right - The Gospel Quartets & The Roots Of Soul Music

During the classic years of soul in the 1960s and early 1970s, with the rise of Motown, Stax, Chess and Atlantic as the key labels in the genre (and the emergence of Detroit, Memphis, Chicago and New York respectively as the key locations), many acts who came to international popularity gave credit to the influence of gospel music in the development of their musical careers.

Many of these artists had sung with church choirs or gospel groups, or they had heard and seen the famous quartets singing in their hometown or on the road. Sometimes gospel singers moved into secular music (Sam Cooke, James Phelps, Lou Rawls and Johnnie Taylor), sometimes a group moved wholesale from gospel to secular (the Staple Singers), and it was rare for a soul singer not to give public acknowledgement of the gospel influence on his or her style.

Compiled and annotated by soul and gospel and Solar Radio MD and DJ Clive Richardson, Get Your Soul Right presents a selection of the best-known performers from the golden age of gospel on recordings selected to display their influence on the soul giants of the following decades, both in vocal delivery and musical styles and tempos, be it the hand-clapping revivalists or the tortuous simmering soulful burners here you have the true roots of soul.

1.Get Your Soul Right (The Swan Silvertones)

2.Singing In My Soul (The Swan Silvertones)

3.What About You (The Swan Silvertones)

4.Move Somewhere (The Swan Silvertones)

5.Stand Up And Testify (The Swan Silvertones)

6.Brighter Day Ahead (The Swan Silvertones)

7.Where Theres A Will (The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi)

8.Im A Soldier (The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi)

9.Ive Been Weeping A Mighty Long Time (The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi)

10.One Talk With Jesus (The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi)

11.Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land (The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi)

12.Theres No Need To Cry (The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi)

13.Sit Down And Rest Awhile (The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama)

14.Hills Of Calvary (The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama)

15.Working On The Building (The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama)

16.Revival Time (The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama)

17.Mothers On The Train (The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama)

18.Satisfied With Jesus (The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama)

19.Just Another Day (The Soul Stirrers)

20.Let Me Go Home (The Soul Stirrers)

21.Jesus Gave Me Water (The Soul Stirrers)

22.Until Then (The Soul Stirrers)

23.When The Gates Swing Open (The Soul Stirrers)

24.How Long? (The Soul Stirrers)

25.Get Right Church (The Dixie Hummingbirds)

26.Devil Cant Harm A Praying Man (The Dixie Hummingbirds

27.Wading Through Blood And Water (The Dixie Hummingbirds)

28.What Are They Doing In Heaven (The Dixie Hummingbirds)

29.Eternal Life (The Dixie Hummingbirds)

30.It Must Have Been The Lord (The Dixie Hummingbirds)


1.Does Jesus Care (The Sensational Nightingales)

2.Another Year (The Sensational Nightingales)

3.Burying Ground (The Sensational Nightingales)

4.I Gave My Heart (The Sensational Nightingales)

5.A Closer Walk With Thee (The Sensational Nightingales)

6.Standing At The Judgement (The Sensational Nightingales)

7.Sit Down Children (The Gospelaires)

8.Its A Pity (The Gospelaires)

9.Ill Be So Glad (The Gospelaires)

10.Joy Joy Joy (The Gospelaires)

11.God Said He Would (The Gospelaires)

12.One More Chance (The Gospelaires)

13.Every Time I Feel The Spirit (The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet)

14.Jesus Jesus (The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet)

15.Toll The Bell Easy (The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet)

16.The Atomic Telephone (The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet)

17.Since Jesus Came Into My Heart (The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet)

18.He ll Never Let Me Fall (The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet)

19.Somewhere To Lay My Head (The Highway QCs)

20.Ill Trust His Word (The Highway QCs)

21.I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This (The Highway QCs)

22.Pray (The Highway QCs)

23.Child Of God (The Highway QCs)

24.Ill Be Satisfied (The Highway QCs)

25.Baptized (The Clefs Of Calvary)

26.Father Forgive Them (The Clefs Of Calvary)

27.Gods Love (The Clefs Of Calvary)

28.Going Down To The River (The Clefs Of Calvary)

29.Oh Lord Remember Me (The Clefs Of Calvary)

30.Wait A Little Longer (The Clefs Of Calvary)


1.Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb (The Pilgrim Travelers)

2.Jesus Im Thankful (The Pilgrim Travelers)

3.Straight Street (The Pilgrim Travelers)

4.Satisfied With Jesus (The Pilgrim Travelers)

5.Talk About Jesus (The Pilgrim Travelers)

6.Come Home (The Pilgrim Travelers)

7.Twelve Gates To The City (The Davis Sisters)

8.Sinner Man Where You Gonna Run (The Davis Sisters)

9.I Want To Be More Like Jesus (The Davis Sisters)

10.When I Get Inside (The Davis Sisters)

11.Rain In Jerusalem (The Davis Sisters)

12.Jonah (The Davis Sisters)

13.Dont Drive Me Away (The Staple Singers)

14.Downward Road (The Staple Singers)

15.Stand By Me (The Staple Singers)

16.Aint That Good News (The Staple Singers)

17.Dont Knock (The Staple Singers)

18.This May Be The Last Time (The Staple Singers)

19.Hold Back The Tears (The Ward Singers)

20.Anywhere In Glory (The Ward Singers)

21.Farther On Up The Road (The Ward Singers)

22.We Shall Be Changed (The Ward Singers)

23.The Old Landmark (The Ward Singers)

24.Jesus (The Ward Singers)

25.Walking To Jerusalem

26.Didnt It Rain (Mahalia Jackson)

27.Jesus Is With Me (Mahalia Jackson)

28.How I Got Over (Mahalia Jackson)

29.Said He Would (Mahalia Jackson)

30.Walk With Me (Mahalia Jackson)

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