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Various - Music City Vocal Groups - ACE CD
[Music City v]

Music City Vocal Groups ~ Greasy Love Songs Of Teenage Romance, Regret, Hope And Despair - ACE double CD

Disc: 1
1. Lucille - The Pagans
2. Without Love (Second Version) - The Corvettes
3. Cheating On Me - The Midnights
4. This Is The End Of Love - The Klixs
5. Morrine - The 5 Campbells
6. Whole Lot Of Love - The Rovers
7. Angel In My Heart - The Holidays
8. Sherry - Jimmy Cicero With The Five Crystels
9. Lil Dream Girl - The Gaylarks
10. My Greatest Sin - The Gaylarks
11. What Will The Outcome Be - Al Lewis & Modernistics
12. Down By The River - The Gayteens
13. Down To The Sea A Cappella - The 5 Rovers
14. I'll Wait For You - The Dialtones
15. Sunday - Joe Blackwell & The Individuals
16. No Other Way Around - The Midnights
17. Heaven's Own Choir - The Five Crystels
18. Your True Love Is Standing By - Wanda Burt & Crescendos
19. I'm Traveling Light - The 5 Lyrics
20. Church On The Hill - The Gaylarks W/John Heartsman Band
21. Station L-O-V-E - The Holidays
22. I'm Coming Over To You - The Girls
23. So Hard To Please (A Cappella) - The Marcels
24. Forever And A Day (A Cappella) - The Idols
25. All The Days Of My Life - The Chantels

Disc: 2
1. Church On The Hill Tk1 - Bob & Jessie
2. Church On The Hill Tk2 - Bob & Jessie
3. There's A Girl - The Italics
4. Elaine - The Klixs
5. Our Love Is Here To Stay - The Klixs
6. The Trial - The Pagans
7. Down To The Sea - The 5 Rovers
8. Path Of Broken Hearts - The Five Crystels
9. Lonely One - The Derbys
10. Sugar Plum - The Treniers
11. So Hard To Please - The Marcels
12. Last Date - The Crescendos
13. Why-Ohh - The Rovers
14. Peace Of Mind - The Creations
15. Happy Birthday Baby (A Cappella) - The Derbys
16. That's Why I Love You So (A Cappella) - Curtis Payne & Group
17. Ten Commandments Of Love (A Cappella) - The Five Crystels
18. Salute To Johnny Ace - The Rovers
19. Warm Love - The Midnights?
20. Teenage Prayer - The Crescendos
21. PS My Darling - The Holidays
22. Your Eyes - The Echotones
23. I Feel So Blue - The Italics
24. Wait For Me (A Cappella) - The Marcels
25. Desiree - UNK Vocal Group

Fifty slabs of tear-stained wax; evocations of teen angst couched in the simple poetry of raw emotion. 37 of the sides make their debut here. Ace told the whole story of Ray Dobard's label on The Music City Story (ABOXCD 11) a 3CD set nominated for a Grammy for Alec Palao's sleeve notes. This 2CD set concentrates on the doo wop Dobard recorded from 1950 onwards. Frank Zappa described the doo wop on Cruisin With Ruben & The Jets as greasy love songs of cretin simplicity and he could almost be talking about the songs we present here. Extremely rare these singles would set you back a lot of money if you could find them offered for sale. This is a treasure trove for doo wop collectors you might recognise a few of the artists names, but they are probably not who you think they are... Compiled and annotated by Jim Dawson, West Coast doo wop aficionado and flatulence expert.

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The Others - I Cant Stand This Love. Goodbye - RCA 45 RE
The Others - I Cant Stand This Love. Goodbye - RCA 45 RE

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