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Frankie Miller - Blackland Farmer- The Complete Starday Recordin
[bcd 165566 c]

A 3 CD Digipac delight of all of Frankie's Starday releases and more. 100 page booklet and over 20 unissued Tracks & ALTS.
CD1: 1. Blackland Farmer, 2. True Blue, 3. Poppin' Johnny, 4. Family Man, 5. The Money Side Of Life, 6. Reunion, 7. Baby Rocked Her Dolly, 8. Rain, Rain, 9. Strictly Nuthin', 10. Young Widow Brown, 11. Two Lips Away, 12. Out Of Bounds, 13. I'll Write To You, 14. Richest Poor Boy, 15. Lookin' Around Downtown, 16. A Little Bit's Better (Then Nothing At All), 17. The Cat And The Mouse, 18. It's Not Easy, 19. Losing Again, 20. If I'd Known Then, 21. Just For You, 22. Prison Grey, 23. Tornado, 24. Big Talk Of The Town (LP version), 25. Reunion (w/o harmony), 26. Baby Rocked Her Dolly (w/o harmony), 27. Rain, Rain (w/o harmony), 28. The Cat And The Mouse (alt), 29. Faded Bible, 30. Who Do You Think, 31. Trust The Saviour, 32. Valley Of Death, 33. Family Bible

CD2: 1. Gotta Win My Baby Back, 2. The Picture At St. Helene, 3. Losing By A Hair, 4. I Miss Her Every Way, 5. One Excuse Is As Good As Another, 6. The Party's Over, 7. Too Hot To Handle, 8. A Little South Of Memphis, 9. Fifteen Acres Of Peanut Land, 10. Out Of This World, 11. Mean Old Greyhound Bus, 12. It Took A Lot Of Love To Let Her Go, 13. Starving For Love, 14. I Can Almost Forget, 15. Big Talk Of The Town (Single version), 16. Truck Driving Buddy, 17. Bringing Mary Home, 18. Country Music Who's Who, 19. A Tough Row To Hoe, 20. Charlie's Got A Good Thing Going, 21. She's My Antibiotic (In White), 22. Fickle Hand Of Fate, 23. True Love Stays, 24. Starving For Love (alt), 25. Maybe You Would Love Me Then, 26. It Took A Lot Of Love To Let Her Go (alt), 27. Pain, 28. I Put The Blue In Her Eyes, 29. Wrong Side Of The Tracks, 30. World War III

CD3: 1. Just For Spite, 2. Give A Purpose To My Love, 3. I Should Be, 4. Don't Make Me Miss You, 5. Impersonations (live) Always Late/Lord Gave Me Help/, I Walk The Line, 6. Katy Malone, 7. It's Not Easy, 8. Peppermint Candy, 9. Family Man, 10. Blues Of Yesterday, 11. I Remember Dad, 12. House Down The Road, 13. A Little South Of Memphis, 14. I'd Rather Have You, 15. Tears Of Time, 16. Funny Way Of Lovin', 17. Let's Forget It, 18. Fall Of The Alamo, 19. I'll Get Over You (Still Keep Hoping), 20. A Tough Row To Hoe, 21. The Wagon Yard, 22. Out Of This World, 23. She Put The Misery On Me, 24. Lonesome Time, 25. Keeping Up With The Jones, 26. Nothing At All, 27. Two Lips Away, 28. Blackland Farmer (live)

Conversations with Hank Davis: 29. Meeting Elvis at the Hayride, 30. Memories of Tommy Hill, 31. Creating Hoofbeats, 32. The Blackland Farmer Tape, 33. Headlining a Rock Show

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